Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What I Do When I Can't Write....

   What I do when I can't write.... I'm going to be telling you guys a lot today.

 I don't like it when I can't write. Now, I'm not talking about not being able to write because to every writer's good ol' pal writer's block. And I'm not talking about when you have to miss a day or two of writing because of a busy schedule.

 Oh no. I'm talking about not being able to write for weeks - sometimes months. Yeah, I know you cringed too.

 I'm a college student entering my second year of classes. I'm also a college student that is transferring colleges as soon as Spring 2017 is over. By June, I'll probably be in Colorado. Between now and then, I have to survive my classes, pack up my house because my family is moving too, get my grades and transcripts all figured out and ready at this new college, and get everything settled at my new college. I have to sign up for classes and such from across the country and make sure all of my classes apply to this new school. Talk about stress.

I quit one of my jobs a few months ago in the hope that by having one job and three classes, I would have time to write and pack between the work. NOPE.

 Two months in to this semester and I'm slowly going crazy because the only form of writing I've been able to do is in my journal and blogs. And where is the fun in writing about myself and my problems? I want to write about someone that fights dragons, and I don't fight dragons or wield any sort of weapons for dragon fighting for that matter.

 But I do on paper. When I write, the main character is always me and I'm always a badass. But when I'm out in the normal world too much, I don't feel like a badass. I want to have a balance of being in the normal and fictional world.

 Sometimes I want to write so much that it's physically painful when I can't. I don't have an hour to sit down and create new characters and new settings and a new book. And it breaks my heart.

 I want to get back to writing. NOW. I want a way to relieve all this stress and worry and put it into my writing.

 These are all the things I want to do this year and now I'm starting to worry that I won't be able to get through half of them. Yes, I have time over this summer to write and edit. BUT I WANT TO WRITE NOW!!!

 My goal after spring break is to start on item #1. Editing isn't the same as writing, but it's something. And I'll take anything that has to do with my own books right now.

So yeah, that was my blow up. I'm cool now and ready to go to my next class to take a quiz so I can keep moving forward to get to spring break. I'm determined to start back on writing after spring break. Maybe even over spring break, I don't know. I'm going to California to visit a friend and she might not like it if I split my time between her and my manuscript lol.


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