Tuesday, June 30, 2015

YOUR Story

 If you're going to write a book, you should write about something that you're interested in.

 You should write something you want to write about. You write for your readers, but you write for yourself more than anything. When you wake up in the morning you should be excited about writing. And you have that crave to write. If you're not interesting in what you're writing, you won't be so ecstatic to write which will put a damp on your work. Writing is supposed to be exciting and thrilling (okay, maybe not always but most of the time). 

 The first book I wanted to write was going to be a vampire novel (thank God I got bored with it). I wrote about 40 pages, took me months, but I started to feel really bored with it. The story felt dull and the writing was terrible. I've had problems writing and finishing books before; I'd get 60 pages into a book before getting bored with it and not continuing it.

 Anyway, I got bored with the vampire book. But it wasn't long before I got another book idea. I finished this book in 7 months. The next one I finished in about 4, and then the final book in the trilogy took 2 months to write. I really enjoyed writing that trilogy. It was a blast coming up with more and more ideas to throw in. The writing was terrible but I liked the story-line. I hope to rewrite the trilogy someday to publish it.

 When you begin to write a book, it's okay not to finish it. Who knows, maybe you'll come back to it later. You can wait a while, get another idea, and start that idea. If you have an imaginary world you slip off to when you're bored, you could write about that, or you could base your book about a dream you had.

 There are millions of book ideas you can have! A lot of things can inspire you. You shouldn't get discouraged when you can't finish a book, because there's always another idea. If you feel like you can't finish your book, maybe you're not meant to write it right now. Maybe you're meant to walk away from it and write something else until you're ready to come back to it.
 No matter what, you should write what you feel like. Never-ending writer's block is never good. You should write that story you're meant to write. Use your writing voice and go for it! Write your book!

Happy writing!

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  1. This is especially true in the early years. Once you have contracts and due dates, you have to write even when you're not feeling it. :(