Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quotes from Alone in Paris Bookmarks

   I'm not revealing the bookmarks for Alone in Paris just yet but I will tell you guys the quotes that I've included. I will be hosting a giveaway for a few bookmarks on my Instagram account sometime next week, so check that out! My Instagram is @ashley_earley.

Lonely. My heart grips as the word crosses my mind. So many different feelings come with the word, not just loneliness. The word went beyond its definition. Loneliness has a deeper meaning to those who truly know what it means to be alone.
- Alone in Paris by Ashley Earley

He stares at me—taking me in—with his lips slightly parted. I struggle to hold myself in place as we gawk at each other. I want so desperately to run, but something is holding me in place.
- Alone in Paris by Ashley Earley

Stay tuned for the bookmarks to be revealed!

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