Saturday, November 19, 2016

When Will Alone in Paris Be Released?

   Hello fellow booknerds! I have a new update on Alone in Paris. Nothing huge; just giving the general idea of when I think I will release it.
 So, the other day I announced on Instagram (@ashley_earley) that I've been trying to pick the release date for Alone in Paris. As of now, I'm thinking about doing the cover reveal in January or February, and I've been thinking about publishing in April. It will, of course, be available for pre-order on Kindle before then. I'm just not sure when quite yet.

 I've spent the last 2 weeks formatting Alone in Paris so it looks pretty inside and out. I have the cover, it looks fantastic! I feel like it fits the book really well and I'm excited to share it soon!

 Anyway, it shouldn't be much longer before Alone in Paris is available for pre-order either. Anyone that follows me on any of my social media outlets and/or blogs will know immediately!

 I will be releasing the first chapter of Alone in Paris sometime in the next couple of months!
I also have plans to host giveaways for physical copies of Alone in Paris and for bookmarks!

 The title and summary has been released but not the cover! If you want to be one of the first to receive updates on my upcoming young adult contemporary romance, follow me on Twitter @ashleyc_earley  and on Instagram @ashley_earley! I'm always keeping my followers updated on what I'm writing, editing, and reading! Always!

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