Saturday, August 6, 2016

How to Write a Kissing Scene

   Yup, this is what we're talking about today. Kind of glad that I'm not a vlogger because I can hide behind my computer this way.

 What kind of kissing scene are we talking about here? Are we going for the hot and steamy? The gentle, lingering kiss? The gentle kiss that suddenly becomes rough and desperate? The kissing scene that you write will depend on your book, and your characters, and the situation.

 Yes, the situation is taken into account. Your characters could be angry, and if so, you might want to go for the hot and steamy kiss that makes your readers blush because your characters can't get enough of each other.

The Moment.
 Make sure your readers know where your characters are. Are they on a date? Just two friends that suddenly found themselves making out while they watch a movie? Where are they and what are your characters feeling? You have to set up the moment that leads to the kiss. Also, kissing at the end of a date is expected so try to make it a little more spontaneous.

 You have to--and I mean have to--describe what your character(s) is feeling before, during, and after the kiss. Describing what your character feels before the kiss helps build to the moment. Describing what your character is feeling during the kiss helps your readers paint a picture of what is happening and how it's happening. Describing what your character is feeling after the kiss helps your readers understand what the character thinks about the person that they just kissed. Is your character glad that they kissed the other? Are they horrified that they just kissed him/her?

During the Kiss.
 Be sure not to only describe what is happening with their mouths. You need to add what they're doing with everything else, like their hands. Are they running through each others hair? Holding each other tightly? Are they standing close to each other or are they leaning toward each other?

 Writing a kissing scene can be really embarrassing--I know it is for me because I know that if I publish a book, my whole family is going to read it--but you just have to push through and focus on the scene instead of focusing on the embarrassing possibility that your friends and family will read it. Focus on the moment between your characters.

 If you need more help writing a kissing scene, go pick up a few of the books on your shelf and read a few different kissing scenes to help you put the pieces together.

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