Saturday, April 23, 2016

Struggling with Writing (What I've Been Up To)

   I've been slacking off again. I've had a lot of tests lately and I've been having writing struggles since the beginning of this year. And now finals are just around the corner so I'm going to slack off with blogging some more. I'm sorry. I just can't find the time to get around to blogging. Any free time I have goes into hanging out with my friends or writing.

 So I mentioned that I've been having writing struggles since the beginning of this year. It's been brutal. I started writing a series and pretty much flew through writing the first one, but then I started writing the sequel in January and it was going well...for about the first 15 pages, and then it went south.

 I felt like the plot was too slow and uninteresting and I just wasn't happy with it, but I was forcing myself to write even though I wasn't excited or interested in writing at all. It was pretty agonizing.

 But then my Writing Buddy, Nadia--who I write book reviews with on another blog (we've been slacking over there too)--suggested that I take a step back from that project and take some time off. I had already done that and I wasn't happy about it because I would go weeks without writing and wouldn't feel the urge to write at all during that time.

 So then she suggested that I start on a new project and come back to the sequel later. And that's what I did. I stepped back from the sequel about two weeks ago and started working on a new book idea that I came up with about a month ago. Since then, my writing has improved and I feel excited to write! I make time for it now and I feel the urge to write again! I'm very excited about this new book, but I've probably jinxed myself now by talking about how great it's going lol.

 Summer is going to start soon and I'm only going to be taking one class between working and writing so I'm hoping I'll be able to get back into blogging at least once every two weeks, but we'll see.

Have a good weekend and happy writing! <3

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