Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Stages of Writing

   Spring break has started and I plan on writing as much as possible before classes start again and tests prevent me from writing. It's been over a month since I've last written, maybe even longer, and it's only been 2 days but I'm finding it hard to get in "the groove." I keep putting my book down, telling myself that the plot is dumb and that the writing is terrible and I need to fix it. Every writer does this at some point while writing. What can you do to stop thinking about this? Well...

 Stage 1:  Just write. Don't reread what you wrote. You have your plot and ideas, now go for it! As a writer, if you read over your work as you write it, you will second guess yourself and end up working on changes instead of doing any actual writing, and that's not good. You need to focus on writing and finishing your book before you start editing.

 Stage 2:  You will overthink your writing/book even if you don't read over your work. You'll think your writing is terrible, the book idea is bad, the plot has too many holes to fix, and maybe you should just give up! No. Don't stop writing. You may think your book idea is bad but there is a reason why you wanted to write it and you should stick with it. And also, just because you think the book might be bad, doesn't mean that your readers won't like it. The most original stories sound terrible. Stick with it, finish your book and then get opinions on it.

 Stage 3:  Edit. Once you're finished writing your book, comes the horrible act of editing it. I highly suggest taking a few weeks off after finishing your book. Mark on your calendar when you plan to start editing and get to it! You're also going to feel like your book is really crappy and you should just stop what you're doing and give up on it. You'll think that it can't be fixed. It can though! It may take some time and several drafts but you can do it as long as you stick with it!

 Final Stage:  Start writing, again. Onward to write another book! The circle of writing!

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