Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas List...

   Christmas gifts get harder and harder for me each year. I just never can think of something that I want during the month of December, yet every other month of the year I want everything in sight.

 I try to give people ideas but it's so hard. My list is almost always the same, and it usually consists of things that people can't give me lol.

 A Library. I want a room that has nothing else but books, a comfy chair and a desk so I can also write in this room.

 A Dog/Puppy. This is something that someone can get me but my dad is refusing to let me get another dog until a move out. (Hopefully that will be soon.) I'm not sure what kind of dog I want yet but I do know that I want it to actually do something.
The dog that I have now, Snuggles, is a shih tzu and she literally does nothing! She sleeps, she breathes, and she growls at all of my friends. That is it. She hates bathes, the outdoors, grass, leaves, my friends; basically everything. She loves snow (strangely since she hates being outside), noodles, popcorn, unions, sleeping, and blankets. I want a dog that isn't so grouchy and that actually loves me lol. She loves my dad more than anything. She doesn't come when I call her, but she'll actually run (she doesn't do that often) when my dad calls her. It's ridiculous and offensive.
I just want a dog that will come when I call its name!

 Books. I always want books, but I'm very particular about the books I read. I don't read non-fiction without being forced, unless if it is about true-crime.

 Time. I need more time in the day. Never going to happen, I know that but it's something that I want. I want more time to write!

 Sell. I want to sell a bunch of books in 2016! I'm hoping to publish another book next year and I've got big plans for it :) Sadly, no one but my readers can give me this but I'm hopeful

What do you want for Christmas? I really just want a puppy...

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