Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Giveaway!

Enter to win a signed copy of Ashley Earley's YA Fantasy novel, The Darkest Light!

I am hosting a special giveaway this holiday season! I will be giving away 1 signed copy of my young adult novel. You can enter today (December 16th, 2015) and up until December 31st, 2015!

Below is the summary for the Young Adult Fantasy:

After discovering a secret her parents have kept from her all her life, Alyssa’s life begins to unravel, and she’s thrown into a magical world she never knew existed—one that’s both frightening and intriguing to her.
While trying to discover who she really is, and who her father was, she begins to see the darkness this unknown land holds, and fears becoming part of that darkness.
Torn between this new world, and the human world, Alyssa must make the ultimate decision between the possibility of losing herself forever to become part of it, or stay behind and let the world of Föld perish.
As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, she’s falling for two guys—that live in totally different worlds. Wesley and Archer couldn’t be more different, but they both have her captivated.
A battle is coming. Will Alyssa be forced to fight against the people she loves?

Here is the link so you can enter:

And here are a few links to where you can find me :)

Happy Holidays everyone!
-Ashley Earley

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