Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Weird Writing Habits

   All writers are weird. We're usually awkward and would rather sit at our desks and type away all day rather than exposing ourselves to the great outdoors. I guess we're also like vampires...

 All writers have different ways of writing, and ways of how to write. Some of us sit at our computers for hours on end every day, while others can only write so many words a day, or week, etc. Every writer is different and has their own way of doing things as they write the stories they want to tell, so I thought I'd share my random writing habits with you :)

 When writing is going well: I sit at my computer for hours with my ear buds blaring loud music of various genres. I usually do some weird/awkward "dance moves" as I do this too....

 When I have writer's block: I sulk around for hours, days, weeks, or months until I can shake the horribleness that is writer's block. It feels like my mind is in a gloomy blank throughout the time. I do random things when I can't write, and am seriously depressed and angry when this happens lol.

 When the words just flow: When I'm having one of those amazing days where the words just flow from my fingers without much effort, I find it hard to sit still. It feels like I have a million tiny bugs crawling all over me. I can't bring myself to stay seated at my computer. I have to get up every page or so to walk in a circle, before coming back to continue my frantic typing. Weird, I know.

 When I don't feel like writing: I watch TV while trying to cram as many potato chips in my mouth as I can, or read...Maybe think about writing. Pretty boring, huh?

 If I skip a day of writing because I don't feel like it: "WHY? Whyyyyyy did I do thaaaaaat??" I beat myself up pretty bad when I skip a day to do literally nothing.

  Tell me some of the random writing things you do when writing in the comments below.

Happy writing! <3


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